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In Digital Test Preparation, we prepare candidates in an exclusively online environment for the following standardized tests offering an ironclad guarantee of success that separates us from our competitors: SAT-TOEFL-IELTS-Duolingo-TOEIC-GMAT-GRE-ECCE-ECPE


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They said about us!

Vasileios Klianis HSBC Associate Director, Chief Control Office

Mr. Xafis was my Math Studies teacher during the course of my 2 year International Baccalaurete diploma. I can still recall his confidence and meticulous approach to delivering the course as well as his participation in the wider student affairs. He is gifted with the ability to dissect complex topics with a memorable and digestible manner, which allows for everyone's participation and progression into the course.

Stratos Laloutsos Web Developer

Bright intelligent partner and teacher. Always looking for the most effective and efficient solutions to problems. Qualified mathematician and internet savvy as well. Very pleased to have worked with Kyriakos.

Nick Kanopoulos CEO and Chief Scientist

Kyriakos is a dedicated teacher with great technical skills and rapport with his students. He taught math to my son with great results.I endorse him without hesitation.


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